Monday, May 17, 2010


A tour of A#2's newly redecorated room. Welcome to Paris!
Here is the before picture of the cabinet that my sis and bro gave her.

And the after! Adorable.
Her reading corner.
Her cabinet with her snow globes that she has collected from all over the world.
Pictures that I made her out of artist canvases, a couple of pictures printed from the computer and a little bit of modpodge.
Her window "mistreatments".
Up close.
Her fave part of the whole room.

An ugly $5 mirror with a cute boa attached. Much better!!!
Her "new" desk and chair that I found waiting for the trash truck. A little paint and tender loving care made them all better. One of my fave things in her room is the lamp on her desk. Target clearance for $6. Love it!!!

What do you think?

1 comment:

Amber Shepherd said...

TERENA!!! her room looks amazing!!! when are you going to come do mine? Haha


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