Monday, April 12, 2010

Let the season begin

The soccer season that is!! Spring is here and we are excited to be back on the fields again. A#3 plays every Friday evening and she is ready to go by early in the morning. She wears the shin guards all day long. Daddy is coaching both girls this year so it's a bit of a hectic schedule on the weekends but we love it.

Along with the new soccer season comes new soccer pictures. A#3 always wants lots taken with me, as you can tell.

What a sweet girl!!
Daddy loves, loves, loves to coach these kiddos and it shows. He has had several kids request him as their coach. This year our nephew is even playing with him!!
And then there is this rock star!! A#2 and her team are being coached by hubby as well. Last year he was their assistant but this year he is at it all alone. And he loves, loves, loves it!
Seriously within the next year or so she is going to be taller than me!
We all wear our lime green shirts on game day to show our support, even A#3.
The best Daddy in the whole wide world = the best coach in the whole wide world!!
This year since both girls are on a green team there will be a lot of screaming, "GO GREEN!!"

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Rach said...

How fun for you all! What a great way for daddy to be with his girlies! :o)


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