Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Eve night

Yes I realize that I am probably the only one still posting on Christmas but as usual it's busy around here and I get it done when I get it done. After I put these pictures on here I also realized just how tired we all look. It was a long, fun day and those kind tend to wear us out.
W.B. and his new Superman pj's. For some reason he really liked them and kept telling everyone about them. Next year I'll have to look for Batman or Spider man ;)
A#1 and his new pj's. He has told me that he would rather have shorts instead of pj pants so that's what I got him, with a really cool gingerbread man shirt. Well wouldn't you know it, he wished he would've gotten pants. He told me that!!! Can you believe it? He really is a man now ;)

The girls got matching polar bear pj's.

I think they liked them.

And me, I got some really cute snowflake pj's. They are soooo cozy!

A#1,2 & 3 all snug in their jammies ready for our story and Santa!!

This year was so great because A#2 asked if she could read the whole entire story herself. She did a fantastic job!!

Wow are we ready for bedtime!!!
Of course we left cookies and milk and carrots for the reindeer. The kids also went outside and sprinkled the sparkly reindeer food so they could surely find their way.


Anonymous said...

Yes you all did look tired.


Rach said...

Too funny about A#! and the jammas! ;oP There's just no knowing what a kiddo is going to like from one moment to the next--even if he *is* a college kid! ;o)

Heather said...

Hope you had a great Christmas!! I have been posting about Christmas too still! :) HAppy new year to you !


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