Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve Day

We head over to my parents house around noon every year for Christmas eve to have lunch and to exchange gifts. This year felt very strange to me because A#1 was working and only came long enough to eat really fast and open his gifts and then head back to work. He even said when he got home that it didn't even feel like Christmas ti him. It's very sad when you realize you are growing up and things change more than you thought they would. And to me it's hard to see him realize that.
This little girl realized it was Christmas though and she was so excited about it all.

And so did these kiddos.

Polly Pocket was very popular this year for both of my girls.

Cam-rod, another one that's growing up way too fast :(

A#2 was so excited with her new Bop-it game. She's setting a new record every day.

Somewhere in one of these pictures you can see the top of Miss Lily's head. She is doing so great and getting so big so fast. She is an answered prayer and something we are all very thankful for this year.Just the beginning of our family Christmas together.

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Rach said...

Growing up can be so hard when it comes to holidays and birthdays. Poor Aaron. :o(

However, I'm so happy you all got to be together for Christmas! And, the snow stuck around, huh? :o)

Happy New Year! :o)


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